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Chris Oyakhilome ad God’s power through prayer

Be First!
by May 3, 2017 Lifestyle

Prayer is a prevailing force that transcends time and brings the everlasting power of God into our lives. This kind of prayer has nothing to do with the repetitious, memorized prayers of spiritual tradition or with a give me, bless me list of personal requirements. Chris Oyakhilome prayer comes from the heart, promotion the depths of your soul as you bow previously to the King of Kings in worship and adoration.

God’s power through prayer and take pleasure in the victorious life that awaits you as a prayer warrior!

  1. When you become prayerful, there will be power in your religious life. The limitation will flee as you are spiritually wake up and strengthened. Enticement will not overcome you. You will declare, Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. You will experience power against offense, the opponent, and demon powers!
  2. Beauty Prayer drives the special effects of offense away from your life and clothes you in virtue and honor, bringing beauty to your walk with God.
  3. When you become a person of prayer and use up increasing amounts of time communing with God, you will locate that He start on separating you from the effects of the world and bad way of life. We are let be familiar with, be ye part, Christ Embassy prayers, and touch not the unclean thing
  4. Prayer liberates the heart from the bondages, anxiety, and hindrances of the world. As you start on to seek God and pray more and more successfully, you will be freed from the interruption of the enemy and the things that have detained you captive.
  5. Where once we were owned by the opponent—Ye have sold yourselves for naught, salvation through the blood of Jesus and commanding prayer allow you to surrender to God and offer you the power and authority to oppose the hold that the enemy once had on your life: Submit yourselves therefore to God. Oppose the evil spirit, and he will flee from you.
  6. We are assuring, and ye shall be redeemed without cash. You are bought at a much more valuable price than money, for it cost Pastor Chris Oyakhilome the whole thing to open up a correct relationship from God to you. Prayer will transport you out of the Egypt of your old life. Prayer will take away the desire to revisit the old neighborhoods of your past lifestyle, and you will be delivering from your enemies, habits, and environments.
  7. Prayer opens your spiritual eyes to exposure, bringing peace in your heart and fire in your soul. He assures, The Lord shall guide thee. When you entrust yourself to a powerful prayer life and call upon the Lord often, you will hear His voice and be familiar with divine revelation.

No doubt Chris Oyakhilome prayers are very helpful in our daily life and these prayers keep us near to god. Which feel us calm every time and boost up to enjoy the life.



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