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Experience A New Way To Shop Online With Credit

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by January 6, 2017 Online Shopping

Today, consumers can buy luxury products they want online even when they do not have the money to pay for them at that moment. These buyers can shop for the goods they need on credit without having to pay any hidden charges or interests on The Emporium Retail Group’s website. This makes shopping more convenient and enjoyable than having to buy the same products with a credit card, where buyers have to pay exorbitant interest rates. Moreover, this Group sells a wide range of luxury consumer goods at the down to earth prices to suit everyone’s budget.

The Better Business Bureau has given its accreditation to The Emporium Retail Group. It is a popular direct retailer, which sells high-end luxury goods to the consumers on credit at competitive prices and low payments. This Californian-based high-end retailer provides shoppers with a unique, convenient and alternative way to purchase luxury goods on credit than by using their credit cards. With such incredibly low prices, consumers can shop for latest computers, electronic, home appliances, fashion accessories, jewelry and home entertainment products under the same roof. Moreover, the positive Reviews ,which consumers read about on the Group’s website are a proof of its growing popularity among online shoppers.

Choose from over 1,00,000 luxury product brands

The consumers who love to buy all their products under a single roof without having to step out of the comforts of their home,   can bank on the website. The Emporium Retail Group will not disappoint them. With the aid of its unique and one of a kind user-friendly website, shoppers can purchase whatever they need without any hassles. For first-time buyers who want to buy products from the site and avail attractive discounts, they have to simply register themselves and get the necessary approval. The approval process is simply to verify their eligibility and it takes just 60 seconds to complete.

Convenient hassle-free background checks

This high-end retailer group conducts a series of background checks in the form of inquiries on online shoppers visiting their website to confirm their client’s credit ratings. The results of these inquiries may feature on their customers’ credit report depending upon what credit bureau these shoppers register themselves. However, the Emporium Retail Group maintains that it keeps all personal information of their customers on their website confidential and will share such data only with their approval. Moreover, this high-end luxury goods retailer insists that its website maintains a secure SSL.

Automatic payment deduction from checking accounts

The Group automatically deducts the payments, which shoppers make on their purchases as per schedule from their checking accounts.  These fixed recurring payments do not contain any hidden costs and high interest charges. Moreover, when these buyers pay their dues within a period of 120 days from the date their make their purchases, they receive attractive discounts. For consumers who are looking to buy exclusive luxury goods on credit at low prices, Emporium Retail Group is the place to shop.

The positive Reviews reflect the confidence, trust and popularity shoppers have with the Emporium Retail Group and its unique luxury products


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