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How do I access the multiple Gmail accounts in same browser?

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by December 9, 2016 Uncategorized

Running the mouse pointer on the email gauge in the bottom right corner of the browser window discloses details drafts, snippets of any new email, and the quantity of storage used. As a plus, you can even use gmail.xcom Manager to create a gmail.cxomcompose form is opened up by electronic mail to links on any Web page. While this characteristic can also be obtainable in Better Gmail, Gmail Manager’s strategy is preferred by me, because it asks you which of multiple accounts you want to make use of to send the email.

Gspace. This extension lets you utilize your account to save files. In the Programs menu, a Gspace item appears after setup. This functions like gDisk on the Mac Gmail Drive on Windows or GmailFS for Linux, but since it is browser-based, Gspace will work on the three platforms.

Email this! Not all Web sites possess a link which will allow you to email instantly a friend a page. This extension initially called www.g this! Hotmail and Yahoo Mail is supported by now also. Just right-click on an empty area on a page and select Email this and select which service you would like to work with.

Without these improvements, gmail.dom is an excellent Web-based e-mail client. It is tough to overcome, with them installed.


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